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01 April 2020
For a first year Grand Mufti's Office holds summer green schools for the children from the Muslim community

For a first year Grand Mufti's Office holds summer green schools for the children from the Muslim community

21 July 2019

180 children in total from the Muslim community in Bulgaria will participate in the summer green schools, organized by Grand Mufti's Office. This initiative takes place for a first year by the Muslim Denomination in Bulgaria and is a result of the joint work between the "Irshad" Department and the Department on Education of the mufti's office.

"The green schools will take place in parallel two by two - one for girls and another one for boys and the children in them are at the age from 10 to 15 years old. The first two summer camps have already began on July 12 and will continue till July 26. In each of them participate 45 children, and the one for girls takes place at the training base of Religious School "Nyuvvab" - Shumen, and the one for boys - at the Religious school in Momchilgrad."- said for the expert from "Irshad" Department of Grand Mufti's Office Resim Shamatarev.

According to him the teachers in the summer camps for children are in specially formed for this purpose teams. Teachers from the two hosting religious schools will take part in them as well as heads and the teachers from the summer Qur'an courses in the country.

The program of the summer green schools is aimed at acquiring useful knowledge and skills on behalf of the young Muslims, which will help for their general development - spiritual, intellectual, physical.

The organizers have foreseen that each of the 15-day green schools will include 10 days stay in Bulgaria, where the children will enrich their knowledge in the field of Akhlaq and Aqidah, and also will participate in various sports and entertaining activities. The last 5 days the students will spend in Kocaeli, Republic of Turkey. The program there is entirely for excursion - it includes sightseeing tours and learning about various sites in Istanbul and the surrounding area.

After the first two summer green schools, on July 26 the second editions are going to begin. It is foreseen that the girls will camp in Momchilgrad, and the boys - in Shumen. The camps from the second stage will also be held in the same format and program and will continue till August 9, 2019.

"The places for the summer green school for girls, which will begin on July 26 in Momchilgrad are already occupied. But there still are places for the green school for boys in Shumen" - further added Resim Shamatarev for He urged those who want to participate to get in contact with the departments of "Education" and "Irshad" of Grand Mufti's Office in order to enroll.

Author: L. Chausheva


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