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28 Mart 2023
A real "Hard Talk" for Pashinyan

A real "Hard Talk" for Pashinyan

19 August 2020

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who always finds himself helpless in the face of facts and logical approaches, this time stumbled upon the arguments voiced by Stephen Sackur, the host of BBC's HARDtalk.

Sackur stated at the beginning of the program that although Pashinyan promised Armenia "new beginnings", the country is still mired in old wars. In response, Pashinyan said, "he does not completely agree with the host's impression." Pashinyan's statement not only indicated his amateurishness in this field, but also portended his expected disgraceful responses. Pashinyan's absurd claims about Armenia's alleged recognition as one of the world's fastest-growing countries in the fields of democracy, human rights, economic development, anti-corruption and judicial reforms after the "2018 velvet revolution" were fully rejected by the host's harsh and consistent questions. Responding to the question "When I look at Armenia today it seems many Armenians feel that those hopes for the velvet revolution have been dashed. What's gone wrong?", Pashiyan tried to blame the COVID-19 pandemic for all the failures. Here, too, a bitter truth was awaiting him. When asked about the Armenian government's failure to cope with the coronavirus and the country's death rate is higher compared to that of the neighboring countries, Pashinyan said "the pandemic is still raging around the world." The Armenian prime minister's response is like that of a child who does not know the multiplication table. Although the globe has been facing the coronavirus crisis for almost half a year, and all countries have been taking the necessary measures to tackle the pandemic, Pashinyan is still hoping to adopt a strategy in this regard.

The host's question about Armenia's latest military provocations on the border with Azerbaijan after Pashinyan's promise of opening a new path for peace has once again put him in a difficult situation. Sackur prevented Pashinyan from digressing from the topic on a new formula, underscoring the huge difference between his words and deeds. The host also lashed out the killing of a 76-year-old Azerbaijani man as a result of the Armenian shelling. Sackur's views that "your policy is not aimed at achieving peace" have revealed Pashinyan's true face. The Armenian prime minister's provocative actions do not go unnoticed by the international community. Later, Sackur asked an even harsher question about the remarks "Karabakh is Armenia and full stop" voiced by Pashinyan during his visit to Khankendi. Just as Pashinyan started to talk about a false Armenian-style history by making groundless allegations, the host silenced him.

"You are violating four resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly on the conflict, which demand the unconditional withdrawal of all Armenian troops from the occupied Azerbaijani lands. According to international law, your troops are carrying out occupation, and you go there and declare that these territories are yours. Obviously, you are not creating the peace there," Sackur noted.

Through the BBC TV channel, which has an audience of millions, Sackur once again exposed Armenia's aggressive policy and intentions. Pashinyan was told that he is no different from his predecessors he had overthrown. But the aggressor was given a chance for a positive moment. Pashinyan was asked if he could apologize to Azerbaijan for the grave war crimes (which were documented by most observers) committed by the Armenian army against the civilian population of Nagorno-Karabakh. Unfortunately, Pashinyan did not give up his aggressive intention and missed the chance to apologize. Sackur was not satisfied with the Armenian prime minister's answer again and had to ask another question by saying "it seems you are not going to apologize." With this interview on BBC TV channel, Pashinyan once again showed his commitment to Armenia's years-long aggressive policy.



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