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20 October 2020
THE NEWS ARCHIVE - December/2017

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Muslim community in the capital joined blood donation campaign
18 December 2017
"My father was a poor man; it was avague time then, it was a great poverty. He was going to the mountains, to cut some trees there, and then he would go to the villages and sell them for our living. Here were widely used the wild pears and other fruits - for dried fruit compote,to be sold in the villages. This is how we lived... And if he brought from the mountain [more...]

Muslims submitted petition against the law on "Radical Islam"
18 December 2017
The Supreme Muslim Council of the Muslim Denomination in the Republic of Bulgaria submitted a petition against the legislative amendments restricting the religious freedoms and discriminating the citizens professing Islam in the Republic of Bulgaria. The petition which was joined by 46 016 people was submitted today (December 14, 2017) to the administrations of the [more...]

ABTTF participated at the conference on European minority regions
15 December 2017
At two-day conference organized by the Federal Union of European Nationalities(FUEN) contributions of local and national minorities to economic and cultural development of the regions they live in and their bridge-building roles in cooperation among the regions were discussed. Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF) attended the conference on ?Deeply [more...]

Istanbul Declaration announces E. Jerusalem capital of Palestine state
13 December 2017
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) issued a declaration on Wednesday recognizing East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. The "Istanbul Declaration" dubbed "Freedom for Jerusalem" was issued Wednesday evening after an extraordinary summit held in Istanbul. "We confirm that we recognize the state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, and [more...]

Regional Mufti of Kardzhali met with orphans from the region
13 December 2017
On December 9, (Saturday) 2017 in the premises of Regional Mufti?s Office ? Kardzhali has held another meeting with orphaned children from the region. The Regional Mufti Beyhan Mehmed informed the participants about the past charity campaign for supporting orphans, organized by Grand Mufti?s Office and implemented with the assistance of the regional mufti?s offices in [more...]

Grand Mufti was on a two-day visit in the city of Kardzhali
13 December 2017
Amendments in the Penal Code related to ?radical Islam? have been adopted On December 6, 2017 the MPs voted in first reading amendments to the Penal Code related to the manifestations of ?radical Islam? and covering the face as a kind of religious clothing. The amendments in the Penal Code were submitted by MPs from the parliamentary group of the United [more...]

Doner Kebab Under Threat?: EU parliament move to ban phosphate in snack
12 December 2017
Germany's favourite fast food, could be under threat from the European Union. Its parliament will debate on Tuesday whether to tighten regulations on the meat commonly used to make doner kebabs. Ira Spitzer reports from Berlin. The image of doner kebab makes many people hungry for lunch or a late night snack. But the European Parliament may want to take a closer [more...]

8 in 10 Turks back EU membership, survey finds
12 December 2017
Nearly eight out of 10 Turks support Turkey's EU membership bid, new research revealed Tuesday. The Economic Development Foundation, an Istanbul-based group that specializes in EU-Turkey relations, found that 78.9 percent of respondents backed EU membership -- a 3 percentage point rise on last year. The rise came even though Turkey has been involved in several [more...]

Turkish leader visits Turks in Greece's Western Thrace
12 December 2017
By Enes Kaplan KOMOTINI, Greece On day two of a landmark trip to Greece, Turkey's president on Friday is visiting a large population of Muslim Turks. After landing at Alexandroupoli airport, Recep Tayyip Erdogan went by car to Komotini, a major city in the Western Thrace region. He did Friday prayers at Komotini's Kir Mahalle Mosque. Greece's Western [more...]

Turkish-Bulgarian MP seeks minority status for Turks
12 December 2017
By Ihvan Radoykov SOFIA, Bulgaria The leader of a Bulgarian party founded by ethnic Turks is pushing for the country to give Turks official minority status, despite resistance from government leaders. In an interview with Bulgaria's bTV on Tuesday, Lyutvi Mestan, head of the Democrats for Responsibility, Solidarity and Tolerance Party (DOST), also accused the [more...]

Sportsman of the century: Turkish weightlifting legend dies
12 December 2017
By Semra Orkan, Sena Guler, Sinan Uslu, Emre Dogan and Metin Tok ISTANBUL Turkey's weightlifting legend Naim Suleymanoglu died on Saturday in Istanbul at the age of 50. Bulgarian-born Suleymanoglu was admitted to the Memorial Atasehir Hospital on Sept. 28 due to liver failure caused by cirrhosis and underwent a liver transplant on Oct. 6. He remained in [more...]

Bulgarian PM 'denied access' to Iranian airspace
12 December 2017
By Ihvan Radoykov SOFIA, Bulgaria A Bulgarian aircraft taking the country's prime minister, Boyko Borisov, to Saudi Arabia was denied access to Iranian airspace on Tuesday, forcing him to fly via Iraq. Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva insisted on Wednesday the government aircraft had the necessary diplomatic permission to fly over Iranian [more...]

Erdogan: S-400 missile deal with Russia to be finalized
12 December 2017
By Diyar Guldogan ANKARA The purchase of the S-400 missile defense system from Russia will be finalized this week, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday. Our colleagues will come together this week to conclude this work,? Erdogan told a news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ankara. The S-400 is Russia?s most advanced long-range [more...]

Turkish, Russian presidents meet in Ankara
12 December 2017
ANKARA President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Monday met in the Turkish capital Ankara. The meeting, which was closed to the media, started at 7.45 p.m. local time (1645GMT) at the Presidential Complex and lasted an hour. The leaders are thought to have discussed bilateral relations and regional and international [more...]

President Erdogan meets Turkish minority in eastern Greece
11 December 2017
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan gave out toy cars and dolls to children on the final leg of a visit to Greece on Friday, a trip meant to boost ties between the two neighbours. Erdogan visited the Turkish-Muslim community in Komotini, a town in northern Greece which once belonged to the Ottoman Empire. A day earlier, he riled his Greek hosts by suggesting the [more...]

Turkey's economy grows by double digits, fastest-growing in G20
11 December 2017
Turkey's economy grew by a strong 11.1 percent in the third quarter of 2017 compared to the same period last year, official statistics showed on Monday, with the high reading driven by one-off effects as well as resilient output. The figure was even well above the consensus market forecast, which had been for 10.0 percent growth. The economy had grown by 5.3 [more...]

EU budget 2018 approved: support for youth, growth, security
01 December 2017
For next year?s budget, MEPs have secured more support for unemployed young people and additional funding for SMEs, research programmes and Erasmus. Commitment appropriations for 2018 total ?160.1 billion, and payment appropriations ?144.7 billion (see below). On the heels of the Council's formal approval of the conciliation agreement with Parliament on the 2018 [more...]


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