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20 October 2020
THE NEWS ARCHIVE - February/2020

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Speech of H.E. Nargiz Gurbanova, Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Sofia on the occasion of the Khojaly genocide anniversary
26 February 2020
Thank you for joining us tonight to commemorate the anniversary of the Khojaly genocide and honor the memory of victims of the largest single day massacre committed in the course of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. I would also like to recognize and thank our guests from Azerbaijan, police major-general Dr.Nazim Aliyev, head of Azerbaijan's Police Academy and his [more...]

AN ADDRESS to tlte world's religious leaders and parliantents, the UN, the OSC£, the CoE, the OIC, the Europe in Court of Htan Rigltts
23 February 2020
In the name of the One Creator! D As we approach the 28th anniversary of the genocide in Khojaly, in Azerbaijan's Karabakh region, we speak on behalf of millions of Azerbaijanis and address once again the entire international community, regardless of religion, language or nationality. A historical fact deeply engraved in the memory of the Azerbaijani people is [more...]

STATEMENT of the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan regarding the 28th anniversary of Khojaly Genocide
23 February 2020
On the night from February 25-26, 1992, as a continuation of Armenia's long- lasting aggression and ethnic cleansing policy against Azerbaijan, the Armenian armed forces occupied Khojaly with the assistance of the 366th motorized regiment of the former USSR and committed an act of genocide against civil population. 28 years have passed since the Khojaly [more...]


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